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Immune Booster

Immune Booster

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Are you looking for a powerful and natural way to boost your immune system? Our Immune Booster IV may be just what you need! This intravenous therapy is designed to deliver a potent combination of nutrients directly into your bloodstream, helping to strengthen your immune system and protect against illness and disease.

Our Immune Booster IV contains a carefully calibrated blend of zinc, vitamin C, and pyridoxine (vitamin B6), as well as additional B vitamins and glutathione. These powerful nutrients work together to promote immune function, reduce inflammation, and support overall health and wellness.

Zinc is a crucial mineral that plays a vital role in immune function. It helps to regulate immune cell activity and promotes the production of antibodies, which can help your body fight off infections and illnesses. 

Vitamin C is also essential for immune function, as it acts as an antioxidant and helps to reduce inflammation in the body.

The B vitamins in our Immune Booster IV, including pyridoxine and other B vitamins, help to support overall health and wellness by promoting energy production, reducing stress and anxiety, and supporting healthy brain function.

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. It also helps to support immune function and may help to reduce the severity of symptoms associated with various health conditions.

At Walla Walla Drip IV, we're committed to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness through the power of IV therapy. So why wait? Schedule your appointment today and give your immune system the boost it needs to stay strong and healthy!

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